Mini symposia/Special sessions

MS34 Life-cycle Reliability of High-Speed Railway Structural System

Prof. Zhaohui Lu:

Session Chairs:
Zhao-Hui Lu, Professor, Beijing University of Technology, China,

Abstract of the special session:
By the end of 2019, the operating mileage of Chinaʼs high-speed railway (CHSR) has reached 35,000 kilometers, which constitutes the world’s largest high-speed rail network. Thus the development of CHSR has shifted from the stage of large-scale construction to the stage of long-term safe and stable operation. The ensurance of the life-cycle reliability of high-speed railway structural system, which is the substantial carrier of high-speed railway operation, is a key research task currently faced by China. Since the high-speed train load, the environment actions and the structural resistance are random and vary over time, time-dependent reliability method should be utilized to evaluate the service performance. Although the occurrence of earthquake is rare compared with the environmental factors and train loads, the high-speed railway system may be destroyed under earthquake. Therefore, the seismic reliability of the high-speed railway should also be paid attention to. Papers that are focused on reliability assessment of high-speed railway structural system are welcome.

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