Mini symposia/Special sessions

MS30 Probabilistic Learning: Fundamentals and Computational Challenges

Prof. Roger Ghanem:

Session Chairs:
Roger Ghanem, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA ( )
Christian Soize, Universit ́e Paris-Est, Marne La-Vall ́ee, France – ( )

Abstract of the special session:
Recent years have witnessed technological developments in sensing and computing that are disrupting our understanding and interaction with the world around us. These developments have surpassed, in leaps and bounds, well- established methodologies, protocols, and capabilities for prediction, design, and mitigation. At the same time, mathematical and algorithmic advances in ma- chine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) are transforming our expectations of data, computing and associated devices.
This mini-symposium is a forum for researchers working on probabilistic is- sues at the intersection of civil engineering and ML/AI to present their perspectives on challenges that must be addressed in order to fulfill the promise of these new technologies. In particular, advances of conceptual, mathematical, algorithmic, and technological nature are welcome.

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