Mini symposia/Special sessions

MS22 AI/IoT Technologies for Maintenance and Natural Disaster Prevention of Infrastructure

Prof. Takeshi Kitahara:

Session Chairs:
Takeshi Kitahara, Prof., Kanto Gakuin University,
Pang-jo Chun, Project Associate Prof., The University of Tokyo,
Ji Dang, Assistant Prof., Saitama University,

Abstract of the special session:
Maintenance of infrastructures is an important and urgent issue, because there are many structures to be maintained. However, it is not easy to maintain all the structures in good conditions due to many problems. Moreover, natural disasters, such as earthquake, tsunami, typhoon, heavy rain, and volcano, have been getting greater. Many infrastructures are at these risks. However, information collection such as manual inspection and survey after disaster is extremely difficult and the convenient Health Monitoring Systems are expensive. Therefore, innovative technologies for these problems are expected. New technologies have been developing using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT, such as deep learning and UAV. The deep learning can be promising due to such an advantage that it can find out important feature characteristics automatically. IoT sensing, such as low-cost MEMS, UAV, satellite image, cloud server and so on, can be applied widely for real time monitoring and collecting big data for decision making in natural disaster.
This special session aims to discuss together academics and practitioners about the future of AI/IoT technologies for maintenance and natural disaster prevention of infrastructures.

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